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Known Issues

  • The TweetCraft installer will fail if it cannot find your installation of World of Warcraft. If this happens, try
    • Running World of Warcraft as an administrator (right-click, run as administrator) - this should create/update the Warcraft registry key
    • Login/Logout and exit the game
    • Run the TweetCraft installer again
  • Pre-requisites required for TweetCraft may take a long time to install if your machine does not already have them installed.
  • On rare occasions, an image for a Twitter user may not show up. This is likely due to the timing of a UI reload. Either reloading the UI or exiting Warcraft completely and re-entering will fix the issue.
  • Some very narrow images may appear stretched. The reason for this is that Warcraft requires images to be exactly equal width and height and so the TweetCraft image processing may need to stretch a tall but thin pitch such that it appears stretched.
  • Running the TweetCraft Settings option the first time may take 10 seconds before the Window is painted
  • After putting your PC in Sleep or Hibernate mode, the TweetCraft Windows client may show a balloon tip that Tweets could not be retrieved. This is normal and to be expected.
  • Occasionally the Twitter service will be down and you really cannot send/receive Tweets.
  • Since TweetCraft will only send and receive text Tweets when a Reload UI is done, queued Tweets will not be sent until you reload the UI. What this means is that your "Logged in" AutoTweet message may not be sent until you hearth hours later. To fix this, click the "Refresh" button when you want your Tweets to be sent. Note that Screenshot Tweets will be sent immediately and do not require you to reload the UI.

Anything beyond this, please add it to the Issue Tracker

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ceidschun Nov 10, 2009 at 6:20 AM 
OK this sounds like a very cool and creative toy to tinker with. I installed it and verified my twitter account but in the game it is saying the task tray app is not running even when it is. Blizzard is having people do a account merge and my new login name in the WoW launcher is different than it used to be. It now goes by email address instead of account username. Tweetcraft is showing account usernames in the WoW account dropbox. Could this be the issue and might it get added to the list of things to do? Also it would be sick if there was an in-app browser in the game UI similar to how on a mobile phone Twitter app you can browse the site linked to in the tweet from within the Twitter client app.