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Welcome to TweetCraft

TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client for World of Warcraft.

Have you installed the TweetCraft client?

TweetCraft requires an application to be installed to send/receive messages from Twitter. If you have not done so already install this application from for TweetCraft to work properly.

Using TweetCraft

To open the TweetCraft click on the TweetCraft minimap icon or type "/TweetCraft" in your chat command.


TweetCraft's Three Tabs
  • Incoming This is a list of Tweets from the people you follow
  • Mentions These are replies to your Twitter username (ex: @danielfe)
  • Outgoing These are messages that are queued to send to Twitter but that have not yet been sent

To send a message to Twitter immediately
In the TweetCraft textbox, write up to 140 characters and click Send. This will reload your UI and send your message to Twitter immediately.

To Reply to a Tweet
To reply to one of your friends, click on the friend's name. This will automatically add @FriendName to the Tweet message textbox.

To Re-Tweet
To re-tweet a friends Tweet, mouse over the Tweet you want to Re-Tweet and click the circle icon to re-tweet the message as shown below.

To send a screenshot to Twitter
Simply press the Screenshot button or if you want a screenshot without the TweetCraft addon, close the addon and click Print Screen. Your image will be sent to Twitter immediately and this will not cause your UI to reload

To Queue a message to send the next time you reload your UI
There are times when you don't want to send a message right away (say you don't want to reload your UI). In that case, type your message in the textbox and click the Queue button to have your message added to the Outgoing tab. The next time you reload your UI, your Tweet, and any AutoTweet messages you have, will be sent to Twitter.

To Delete a Queued Tweet
To delete a queued Tweet, click the Outgoing tab, mouse over the Tweet you want to delete and click the delete button as shown below.

TweetCraft Chat Commands

  1. "/TweetCraft" to open or close the TweetCraft UI
  2. "/Tweet message" to send a tweet directly from the chat window
  3. "/TweetCraft help" to open this file

TweetCraft Options

To change the options for TweetCraft, open the TweetCraft AddOn and click the "Options" button (or click Escape...Interface...and select the AddOns tab). Options are stored on a per-character basis, except for the option to AutoTweet screenshots which is configured in the TweetCraft application.


TweetCraft includes the following options:
  • Show/Hide Minimap button
  • AutoTweet Movement - Enter World of Warcraft, Enter or Leave Instance, Change Zone
  • AutoTweet Achievements - Earn an Achievement, Take Achievement Screenshot

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warcraftic Feb 19, 2010 at 5:34 PM 
I use DockingStation as my LDB display. When I click on the TC icon, it does nothing. Does this only work with certain LDB displays?

danielfe Feb 17, 2010 at 2:34 PM 
Yeah, the default keybinding for a screenshot, PrintScreen will also tweet a screenshot so you don't have to have TweetCraft up for a screenshot.

LuminaTaisiya Feb 17, 2010 at 1:10 PM 
Can you possibly add the ability to Keybind for ScreenShots? So that when I have my UI "Hidden" I can still tweet a SS.